About This Blog

That They Might Have Joy: An LDS therapist’s take on mental health for Mormons is my attempt to bridge the gap between my life as a Latter-day Saint and my life as a counseling psychologist. While the two fit together neatly for me, my experience is that many Latter-day Saints don’t know a lot about mental illness and psychotherapy, while many mental health professionals don’t know a lot about Mormons. I hope that sharing my thoughts will shed some light on mental health issues as they pertain to Mormons and help all of us deal more compassionately and effectively with one another.

I my goals in writing this blog are as follows:

  • To write about mental health issues from an LDS perspective
  • To dispel myths (and reduce stigma) surrounding mental illness and psychotherapy/psychological counseling
  • To open a dialogue about mental health issues pertinent to Latter-day Saints
  • To enlighten and inform Mormons about psychotherapy and to enlighten and inform psychotherapists about the unique needs, experiences, and perspectives of Mormons
  • To promote mental health, positive relationships, and healthy boundaries, and
  • To offer hope for those dealing with or affected by temporary or chronic mental or emotional health issues.

This blog is not intended as an advice column or on-line therapy. Rather, I hope to present my thoughts on mental health subjects in a Q-and-A or newsletter format.  Occasionally, I will review a blog, book, or article I find interesting.  I welcome your questions and comments and will do my best to respond thoughtfully and accurately. I also reserve the right to change my opinions over time as I continue to learn and grow, and invite you to do the same. Please help me maintain a respectful and compassionate atmosphere on this blog.

P.S. Don’t forget to read the fine print!